You are the light of the world… let [it] shine before others so they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.

MATTHEW 5:14, 16

abOUT uS

the senior adults Ministry creates an environment that fosters
fellowship and service for senior saints.

For our senior (60+) adults, we recognize two critical desires:
1) fellowship with other believers;
2) finishing strong in the faith.

We want to help senior adults to  be ready for eternity  with a right relationship with Jesus; as believers, we are forever ready, sealed by the Holy Spirit into God’s family; and we are always  ready to be the light to and for others.

Services and Activities!

Please click through the options below to learn more about details and costs of our different activities!
Weekly - Thursdays @ 10am-1pm
We fellowship in-person through fun, laughter, worship, and sharing life. Our worship includes a life lesson from God’s Word and a time of praise-n-prayer. We share life experiences and serving each other with God’s love, light, and compassion.
Of course, no gathering is complete without food. Every week we have refreshments.
Monthly - Catered Luncheon
Every 4th Thursday of the month our weekly fellowship will have a catered luncheon. The full cost is $15/person.
Quarterly - Group Event
Each quarter we will schedule an event or activity for the group. We will arrange the best possible group rate for each event. Each person will be responsible for the cost of that event. Details of what is provided in that group rate will be discussed as each event or activity will be different.
Annually - Extended Trip
When it’s time for our annual extended trip, we will likely need an early deposit from each person intending to go followed by a deadline date for final payment. This will include transportation, most breakfast and dinner meals (lunch on your own), lodging (double occupancy), and tickets to a pre-scheduled group event. We will announce the trip as early as possible so everyone can budget for it.